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Mark D. 
I went into the Silver Baron with a little reservation, and came out relieved to know that there is still honest people out there in the collectibles business. Larry was absolutely awesome. I wanted to have a Pre-Civil War British Fifteen Shilling note appraised and was told Larry could take a look at the item free of charge. He was occupied appraising a large coin collection when I got there. Thinking I would have to wait, I prepared to jump on my phone to kill some time.

However, to my delight, he asked me to write down all the specifics of the currency and said he would do some research over the weekend and get back to me early next week. He also gave me a nice plastic protector to keep it in (I was keeping it inside of a hard cover book!!) for free (nice!!!).

Larry gave me some great advice and before I left, and also gave me some information on an upcoming coin/currency convention in San Jose. Overall, I have to say my trip to The Silver Baron was a pleasant experience and I will surely do business with them again.

Parcae L.  
Larry was recommended to me through a friend. My mother and I needed to liquidate a decades old coin collection as part of her downsizing. We couldn't have been more pleased. He was very efficient and honest. He explained why some things were valuable and some weren't. He made it very stress free which is what we really needed. We were dealt with fairly and professionally. I highly recommend him.

Maria L. 
I love this place!! I go here all the time to sell little treasures we find through my husband's business. The owner and other people who work there have always been honest and super nice. I highly recommend this place to everyone.

Linda C. 
I live on the East Coast and inherited some coins that were in safe deposit boxes in the Bay Area. I knew nothing about coin collecting or the coins themselves.

I scheduled a 6-day trip out to the Bay Area with my college-age daughter to retrieve the coins from the safe deposit boxes and sell them locally (too many, too heavy to bring back to the East Coast, and I didn't know of any good coin dealers here, anyway).

In preparation for the trip, I did a lot of research online. No surprise, there's a lot of solid information about selling a coin collection. Yelp was my go-to site for identifying reputable coin dealers.

We sold to Larry Bovo, owner of the Silver Baron coin shop. He offered us more than the other coin dealer to whom we took the coins -- a dealer we also found on Yelp (my research recommended going to a couple of places, to compare amounts offered). 

We were very impressed with Larry. He told us twice, "don't leave a dealer alone with your coins." I'd seen that advice online, but it shows his concern for the consumer. (You don't want someone to take a valuable coin into the back room and switch it for one worth less.)

We had gotten a high quote from a third dealer, a coin wholesaler, for one coin. Larry essentially met that price. He told us, "don't let anyone cherry-pick your collection," buying the best coins and leaving you with a collection that is harder to sell. I'd also seen that advice online, but, again, it shows Larry's concern for the consumer.

Larry purchased the entire collection. The total he paid was pretty high, and, as a cautious person, I asked for a cashier's check as opposed to Larry's company check. He said he'd never been asked that before, but he was amenable to my request. We walked across the street to his bank and he got a cashier's check. (Since we both had accounts at that bank, a banker there told us we could have just done a transfer from his account to mine.) 

Bottom line: I had total confidence in the entire transaction. Larry is a long-time professional who seems to me to be totally honest and a nice guy as well.

By the way, I'm rating Larry in the $$$$ price range, because I believe he paid us top dollar, or near top dollar, for the coins….

Paul B. 
The Silver Baron is the only place you should trust when buying or selling coins or bullion. I went there to ask their advice about purchasing some physical gold and silver to put away. They took great pains to explain that seemingly identical .999 1 oz gold pieces were not all the same value - Krugerrands have a different value than Maple Leafs or Gold Eagles. They told me to shop other dealers and buy from them if their price was better. I did, and The Silver Baron was the lowest!

Kurt G. 
Larry is a great guy. He gives you honest appraisals and good advice. He is knowledgeable about coins and sports memorabilia. He takes the time to discuss both in a relaxed barbershop type setting. He buys and sells items for fair prices and doesn't rip you off with a pawn shop mentality

Max M. 
I buy silver here all the time, normally they only charge about 2-3 bux over spot. They let you hand pick it, which is a plus for me since I go for looks. Definitely coming back!

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